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Do you ever feel that you're missing out on special moments by trying to photograph them instead of living them?

Let me capture your time together while you focus on what is important - making memories with your children.

Spending quality time together as a family can be a rare treat these days, especially with so many distractions preying upon your time. Perhaps you love to unwind by going for country walks, or adventuring through the woods. Maybe your children's favourite pastime is flying kites on windy hilltops, or jumping in muddy puddles at your local park. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a vivid record of these precious times together, to relive and enjoy over again?


When you book a family photography session, I'll come along with you to your favourite outdoor haunt, and capture those memories for you, using the natural light and genuine smiles of the moment. Alternatively, I can capture that special family time in your home, your garden, or perhaps at your local museum; wherever you enjoy spending time together. We have a wealth of beautiful countryside at our disposal, as well as some fabulous towns and cities, and it seems a shame not to make the most of them.


Whatever your outdoor passion or indoor relaxation, let me provide you with a visual record as a stunning memento for the whole family to enjoy over and over again. Although I am Warwickshire based, I am happy to travel further afield as required - get in touch to discuss your perfect location.

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