COVID-19 Impact

Updated 16th September 2021

In March last year sadly all photography bookings had to be put on hold, and during those periods when the restrictions were lessened it was wonderful to be able to get back out with the camera. However, with the ongoing pressures of holding it all together through a global pandemic, my focus necessarily shifted to ensuring that I maintained an income and supported my family. Juggling work with home school just added to the fun!


As a result of these changes impacting my availability, beyond existing bookings I'm currently only planning to offer a limited number of outdoor family shoots and mini shoots during 2021. With the situation ever changing, it seems safest to put indoor and event photography on hold until the virus no longer presents quite such a threat to everyone's safety.


I'm happy to discuss any potential booking so please do get in touch if you have a shoot in mind, reassured that any rescheduling required will also come with the option of a full refund should you no longer require the booking. Due to current risks and recommendations I will continue to restrict bookings in the short term for family or small group shoots in outdoor locations - please check back here in case anything changes.

In order for everyone to remain safe and healthy, for all shoots during the pandemic I will use long focal length lenses which require me to remain several metres distant, thus ensuring precautionary social distancing at all times. For the small group shoots and due to the space required, I would suggest that parks, woods and nature reserves would be ideal, although a large garden could be suitable if there is enough space for everyone to move around whilst remaining at a safe distance.

I realise that very young children and pets may struggle to conform to social distancing, but ask that you work with me in helping to maintain a suitably safe distance at all times.

I regret that I can't predict when I'll be able to offer indoor shoots again; this decision will remain under review based on the perceived local risk, the need for sensible precautions, and any official recommendations in place.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

My doorstep photos charity fundraiser has now come to a close, having raised a staggering £1669.90 for charity. Due to their popularity I am extending my offer of Doorstep Mini-Shoots throughout 2021 for anyone that missed out. For details of this and future offers please follow my facebook page.