COVID-19 Impact

Updated 23rd July 2020

Since mid March sadly all bookings had to be put on hold until further notice. Nevertheless, I am pleased to now be able to take new bookings from July 2020 onwards. Due to current risks and recommendations these must be for family or small group shoots in outdoor locations, with a maximum of 5 participants at any one time.

In order for everyone to remain safe and healthy, I will use long focal length lenses which require me to remain several metres distant, thus ensuring appropriate social distancing at all times. Due to the space required I would suggest parks, woods and nature reserves would be ideal, although a large garden could be suitable if there is enough space for everyone to move around whilst remaining at a safe distance.

I realise that very young children and pets may struggle to conform to the social distancing requirements, but ask that you work with me in helping to maintain that safe distance at all times.

I'm sorry that I'm not planning to offer indoor shoots in the near future in the interests of the safety of both my clients and my own family; this decision will remain under review based on the ongoing need for social distancing, and the recommendations in place.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

My doorstep photos charity fundraiser has now come to a close, having raised a staggering £1669.90 for charity. I am now offering Doorstep Mini-Shoots throughout July and August for anyone that missed out. For details of this and future offers please follow my facebook page.

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